Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Marriage advice for beginners

whenever the relation becomes between two persons mostly they do not know about each other in the start both of them have their different view points which create spacing among them.Both beginners can achieve their goal though love and understanding and is one of the best Marriage advice for the beginners.Hence there are lot of ways through which you can change or make your marriage life better as before

Ways to improve your marriage life 

  1. One of the best marriage advice for both of the couples is to make maximum communication with each other to solve their problems and to find a solution for that problem.Not to talk with your partner is not a solution for the beginning of your marriage life .So must talk with each other.
  2. See some good examples of happy marriage from your parents,friends and elder family members.They will give you a good advice as you are a beginner.You can make your life better with the help of your friends,family and parents 
  3. If both partners are agreed better to consult a marriage counselor they will guide you a good advice but mostly it never effects 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

4 Tips to make your life better as before

Well in today's`s world there are lot of marriage couples and their relations broke down due to some reasons.According to the survey half of the people are worriedn about their unhappy marriage life.So what we should do to improve our marriage life

Well there are two types of couples which exists one can do anything for each other and other who truly knows each other

  1. First of all you should know that you never concentrate only on your profession and your work instead of spending some time with your couple you.To make your marriage life your effort is required 
  2. Always judge the positive factors about your partner instead of negative points which results in breaks up and further results for divorced
  3. Share your decisions with your partner and never make your and your children decisions alone 
  4. Suspicious and jealousy should be present between them  they must create a trustful relationship among them
  Some happy couples


God bless Your couples

Monday, 28 March 2011

Want to have your marriage happy as before

A lot of people in this world try to quiet their marriage life if they face a lot of problems.The percentage of divorced is increasing on daily basis and spoiled the marriage life of many people

 What should we do to save our marriage life

  • If you want your marriage life to be better then before then you need to make some changes in yourself a lot of people try to blame their partner on little mistakes and start arguing we should ignore these mistakes as it effects the relationship ending the relationship is not only the solution but try to improve your relation so to have your happy marriage

  • Always take your relation more serious as any thing even more then your parents.If you want your relationship to be benefited then make your relation more solid.If the chain of your relation is not stronger then your children might get tensed about your relation.Your couple should be the good example for their children in their future life

  • Leave your previous relation in the past don`t spoiled your future focus on your future and to improve your relation.Spend your life happy and use a tool to make your happy marriage life

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Recipe of happy marriage

First of all the very important factor about happy marriage is your effort and handwork is needed and then later your effort and hardwork results in happiness in their life and they lived happily forever

Tips For Successful Marriage 

One of the most important tip about successful marriage is to make decisions together.Develop understanding and ability to reads other face.Both couples should share their feelings among each other in regular talk and walks to restaurant once or twice a week and learn from your parents love which is a good example for both of you.Whenever you feel sad or disappointment  you should passed time together.Learn from one`s mistakes and try to improve yourself

Both of the partners should be a best friend before as a partner.A good marriage relationship requires good friendship.Both couples give respect to each other and do not play with the rights of each other