Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Marriage advice for beginners

whenever the relation becomes between two persons mostly they do not know about each other in the start both of them have their different view points which create spacing among them.Both beginners can achieve their goal though love and understanding and is one of the best Marriage advice for the beginners.Hence there are lot of ways through which you can change or make your marriage life better as before

Ways to improve your marriage life 

  1. One of the best marriage advice for both of the couples is to make maximum communication with each other to solve their problems and to find a solution for that problem.Not to talk with your partner is not a solution for the beginning of your marriage life .So must talk with each other.
  2. See some good examples of happy marriage from your parents,friends and elder family members.They will give you a good advice as you are a beginner.You can make your life better with the help of your friends,family and parents 
  3. If both partners are agreed better to consult a marriage counselor they will guide you a good advice but mostly it never effects 


  1. I like your post. I do agree with point number 1, it's very important to having qualified comunication in a marriage


  2. Marriage is a lifetime affair which requires utmost adjustment from both the sides. In order to have a happy married life,, you must learn to live with the negative and positive aspects of your life partner. It’s natural that everyone has a different nature and attitude and adjusting with these dissimilarities is what makes marriage a challenge!!